UK copyright laws confuse Brits

Consumers are still unsure about copying CDs and DVDs

Consumers in Britain are highly confused about the laws on copyright, particularly those that relate to copying CDs onto a computer.

Consumer Focus said that the UK's copyright law is outdated that millions of Brits were unaware they were actually breaking laws.

Currently it is still deemed illegal for somebody to copy a CD or DVD onto a computer or a portable digital music or video player for their own use.

What is legal?

In a Consumer Focus poll of 2,026 people, 73 per cent of recipients said that they were unaware of the laws on what they legally were allowed to copy or record.

Consumer Focus' Jill Johnstone said: "The world has moved on and reform of copyright law is inevitable, but it is not going to update itself."

IT lawyer Nick Lockett, of DL Legal, added that the focus was not on individuals but on those commercial operations making a profit from illegally copying copyrighted material.