Sigma MD: 'surprised if there's no Canon CSC'

Is 2012 the year?

The managing director of Sigma UK has expressed his surprise that Canon isn't already in the CSC market, saying that it needs to capitalise on the market soon.

Canon is the only major player in the photography market to reject mirrorless thus far, with its biggest rival Nikon finally entering it in September 2011 with the Nikon 1 system.

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Since then, the world has had its eyes fixed on Canon in anticipation of its own interpretation of the system.

Graham Armitage, MD of Sigma UK, which manufactures third party lenses, and has just introduced two new lenses for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX mounts, said, "They're not going to be able to put the genie back in the bottle, if they don't take advantage of it, someone else will."

Existing tech

"They must already have the tech, and they must be able to take advantage of that, so why wouldn't they do it? I'd be very surprised if they didn't."

Various rumours have circulated about what Canon will do if, or perhaps when, it decides to finally enter the market.

A leaked patent appeared to show that it will use an APS-C size sensor, bringing it in line with the offerings from Sony, Samsung and Fuji and making it a lot larger than Nikon's.

David Parry from Canon UK told us earlier in the year that he believed that CSCs were a "great idea" as they brought more people into photography.


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