White Moto X and clever clogs camera app break cover

When the Moto X finally does get its official launch there won't be much we don't already know about the handset, with further leaks revealing new camera features and a possibly low price point.

An image of the white Moto X was posted online by @evleaks - a Twitter account famous for accurately leaking phones and tablets - which seems to jive with other photos which appeared earlier this month.

The @evleaks account also gave us a heads up on the Moto X's battery, claiming that it will feature a 2200mAh power pack which won't be removable, just like the Nexus 4.

Meanwhile over at Android Community word's out that the Moto X could undercut the Nexus 4 in terms of price.

An unnamed tipster suggested the 16GB Moto X will come in at $299 (around £195, AU$320) - the same price as the 8GB Nexus 4 - with the 32GB version potentially costing $349 (around £230 AU$375).

Say cheese

Things may be getting more gesture-based too as another leak, this time from a questionable "anonymous tipster" on Android Police, claims to show a series of extensive screenshots from the Moto X's camera app.


Credit: Android Police

The snaps show swiping gestures are required access the settings menu on the left of the screen, while the swipe from the right will take you into gallery - the latter of which is already a standard action in Android Jelly Bean.

That's not all. You'll also apparently be able to hold down on the screen to activate burst mode and take a rapid succession of snaps, while sliding a finger up or down the display will toggle the zoom level.


Credit: Android Police

Google might be treating us to some new tricks as part of the camera app with slow-motion video capture and a "twist your wrist" action to launch the snapper.

We may be waiting until October before we actually find out if any of this Moto X talk is right, but Google is have a little breakfast get together tomorrow where Android 4.3 is expected to break cover and it could give us some clues.