Vodafone: Nokia Lumia 920 was just too heavy

Nokia bashed at Nokia press conference

Vodafone launched a surprise attack on the Lumia 925's predecessor while one stage at a Nokia launch.

Patrick Chomet, Director of Terminals for Vodafone, was talking about how much he liked the new phone when he dropped the surprising bombshell that previous phones weren't acceptable:

"The [Lumia] 925 is one that's close to me personally, and one that Jo [Harlow, Nokia's Executive VP] and I have discussed at length.

"I loved the Lumia 920, but I always said that it is heavy [for the European market] and you can do better.

"So Jo came back in September and showed early designs of the 925 and I said, this is really great…an all-purpose phone that fits both male and female audiences."

Shooting from the hip

While it's not usually news for a network executive to pass a comment on a manufacturer's device, it doesn't sound as though the comment was cleared by Nokia beforehand.

Even so, the launch of the Lumia 925 shows that the company is committed to moving away from the powerful-yet-bulky designs of yore.

With a new metallic design and slimmer dimensions, the Lumia 925 certainly manages that. And it's had the desired effect on Vodafone, which has taken an exclusive on a Nokia device (at the more palatable 32GB internal capacity) where it hasn't really been interesting in the Lumia range to this degree before.

And don't worry Patrick – you were just saying what we've all been thinking for the past six months.



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