Retailer's KitKat invite suggests Nexus 5 unveil on November 5

Remember remember the fifth of November

An LG importer in Israel has sent out an invitation suggesting that its media pals keep November 5 free for a KitKat-flavored event.

Ronlight Digital has plastered an LG-made Nexus 4 with a KitKat screensaver, amid a snapped KitKat finger on the poster background. We're not exactly inching out on a limb here.

Given that LG is also given a big old logo in the bottom left hand corner of the invite, perhaps we're in for a Nexus 5 launch on November 5 as well.

Gone til November

The event is said to take place in Tel Aviv at 9.30am - that's 7.30am GMT, 2.30am EST, 23.30am on Nov 4 PST and 6.30pm AEDT.

That's pretty inconvenient timing for pretty much all of Google's major territories, so we're not convinced this will be anything more than a local event. Does that mean we'll get a global Nexus 5 and KitKat launch event in the preceding days?



Given that we were all expecting Google to unveil the Nexus 5 and KitKat combo before October was out, no one has a clue.

  • Until the phone itself is unveiled, we'll have to make do with all these lovely Nexus 5 rumors


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