Nokia N97 Mini, 5900 and 6760 in leak frenzy

Some guys have all the pre-release luck

A snap happy retailer appears to have ruined yet another surprise for Nokia World by showing off a number of new mobiles apparently coming next month.

The Nokia N97 Mini sits proudly alongside its older and bigger brother, and the Nokia E72 cuddles up with the E52 on a lovely shiny table.

However the sad news is the chap who uploaded the pictures to Flickr is now in a little bit of hot water, and has asked sites who showed the pics to take them down. Luckily, it's still alive and well on the web, so check it out while you still can.

The 5900 resurfaces

And if that's not enough, it appears the Nokia 5900 XpressMusic, the latest touchscreen from the Nok bunch, is also making its debut next month in Stuttgart (assuming the picture isn't depicting the 5530 in some fancy outfit).

There's the 6760 Surge as well on offer, which means we could be seeing that in Germany (and therefore a tasty hands on when TechRadar heads out there) as well as some other budget handsets as well in the mix.

The Nokia N97 Mini is likely to be the star of the show next month as it may be an indication that Nokia has admitted the original device was a tad over-priced (or simply that it wants to give the lower end of the market the chance for a slide-up screen).

Via Engadget


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