Illuminating deal for ARM as it snaps up games lighting specialist

Chip design giant ARM has snapped up gaming light specialists Geomerics, the company that has helped illuminate big titles like Battlefield 4 and EVE Online.

ARM's focus on graphics is clearly growing, and the acquisition (for an as-yet undisclosed fee) represents another step forward for the company.

Geomerics makes Enlighten - which is a popular dynamic lighting solution used in some of the biggest blockbuster games.

Mobile gaming

The company's move under ARM's umbrella will see it continue its developments for console and, crucially, mobile platforms as well as look ahead to the next waves of devices.

The upshot is that we're likely to be seeing a hell of a lot more gorgeous dynamic lighting in our next-next-gen mobile phones and tablets, as gaming on the go hits critical mass.

If somebody could solve the whole physical buttons versus touchscreen problem ahead of that point that would be great.