Microsoft sacks staff ahead of schedule

Another 800 jobs eliminated from the software giant

Microsoft has cut another 800 people from its workforce, taking the total tally to nearly 6,000 made redundant.

The original plan was to only sack 5,000 staff before June 2010, but this number has been increased with the recent layoffs.

However, a Microsoft spokesperson told Reuters that the re-structuring was now complete, and has been finished well ahead of schedule.


Around a quarter of those let go in the recent culls were from the head office in Redmond, showing that the company is cuttings costs throughout the business.

However, don't worry that Microsoft only has Steve Ballmer and a couple of work experience kids showing up to the office every day – at last count the firm had over 90,000 employees on its book.

The number is far less than the anticipated 15,000 some thought would be let go earlier in the year.

The fact that it has shed nearly five per cent of its workforce has proven that despite the PC market proving fairly robust through the economic downturn, no firm can afford to not take measures to protect its bottom line.

Via Reuters


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