HTC Magic Android phone now due 5 May

Last minute delay forces new launch date for second Android phone

HTC and Vodafone might have created what they thought was the perfect storm of interest with the new Magic when they unveiled it at Barcelona earlier this year, but delays mean it won't hit the UK until May.

Vodafone's Magic mini-site (as in a site for the phone, rather than a site where cool things happen) previously stated that the phone would be coming in April this year when pre-orders were announced earlier in 2009.

But this has now been shifted to May, with Vodafone rather sheepishly stating that if you order today "we will aim to deliver by 5 May," hinting that the problems that have plagued the handset might not have been fully resolved.

Hardware issues

Issues with the handsets hardware, as well as rumoured issues with the latest version of Android (necessary to work the virtual keyboard on the device, which is pretty important when there are only three physical keys) meant that the HTC Magic was subject to a last minute delay.

But no matter, as it looks like we'll all be able to wander around in the summer poking blindly at a new Android screen, so let's break out the Pina Coladas now and fire up the BBQ!

From Vodafone via Phandroid



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