Firefox Mobile comes to Windows... Mobile

Rough around the edges but get your hands on it now

Mozilla has taken another step towards nabbing a share of the burgeoning mobile browser market by releasing a version of Firefox Mobile for Windows Mobile users.

The new browser, still running under the Fennec codename, is only available as an alpha release, which means it's going to be slightly bug-filled to say the least.

But the good news is anyone packing a WinMo phone (version 6 or better) can try the new release, rather than just those with the specific phones Mozilla has deigned to let have Fennec.

Panning's improved - phew

In the upgrades, there's a more polished UI, better panning, a new theme and much better add on support, although most people won't have tried the earlier versions to compare.

The great news is the Awesome Bar (which actually is pretty awesome, allowing you to type a few keywords into the address bar and go directly to the site) is still there, and Mozilla is promising improved stability and better integration with Windows Mobile OS as well.

If you want to get your hands on the new release, then head on over to Mozilla's Fennec site for all the details.


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