Hands on: iRiver Unit2-S

IFA 2008: The handset that does EVERYTHING

IFA has been fairly light on concept models, but Korean-based iRiver didn't let that stop it showing off the Unit2-S communication device.

Basically a mini-entertainment centre, this is a V-shaped object with a large touchscreen on the front, and a DECT phone plastered on top.

Fancy some video or music while you wait for a call? The Unit2-S allows you to choose whatever you like, either from the device itself or streamed over WiFi from your home network.

A neat touch on the concept showed just by wiping the screen left or right you could access photos, videos, music or even that ol' favourite, FM radio.


A web browser is included too, although the demo model couldn't handle anything other than Yahoo!, Amazon and a few other sites. The stand bunny told us the functionality would be added in when this is released in November this year.

The phone allows for VOIP connection (and possibly landline), while there's also options for texting or even leaving little notes for your loved ones.

It's hard to see where this might be best used, as placing it in the living area instead of a normal phone would mean the entertainment options would be barely used.

So it seems you might have this on your work desk and flick on some music or a video in the quiet moments between pretending to be writing something...not that we'd know what that feels like...

According to the SB, this will be released in all markets (including Korea, they hastened to add).


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