Sony Ericsson unveils W705 AKA Rika

Another mobile slider creeps out from the Swedo-Japs

Sony Ericsson has unveiled the W705 Walkman mobile phone, with high end audio playback and Wi-Fi connectivity.

It's hardly been the surprise of the year, given we revealed the handset's launch yesterday, but the phone that's been codenamed 'Rika' has finally stepped blinking into the spotlight.

Featuring the usual gubbins we've come to expect from this range - PlayNow, Shake Control, SensMe - it also packs Wi-Fi for web browsing in hotspots and downloading large files.

Chat to your PC

It also packs DLNA connectivity to allow you to send files between it, your PS3, your WMP11-enabled PC and a whole host of other DLNA certified products.

It has a 2.4in screen with the now commonplace accelerometer for auto-orientation, and a 3.2MP camera with up to 3.2x digital zoom.

It also looks rather pretty in its brushed aluminium shell, and comes in either red or silver (no, Sony Ericsson, you will not trick us into saying Passionate Red and Luxury Silver... oh DAMN YOU!).

Get your hands on this phone early next year if it tickles your fancy. If not, then don't bother.


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