BlackBerry OS lands on Windows Mobile

Pics hint at shock collaboration for email on your handset

Has the world as we know it secretly come to an end? Have cats started raining from the sky? Well, if not, then it can't be too far away if the rumours of RIM porting a virtual BlackBerry OS to Windows Mobile are true.

The pics of the system running on a HTC handset, using the BlackBerry Application Suite which was supposed to debut in 2007, have popped up on BerryReview, and are apparently tagged as genuine.

The BAS is a novel idea to bring the BlackBerry OS to Windows Mobile, for WM6 devices, and boots at the same time as the phone, essentially turning it into a BlackBerry handset.

Better ideas

It's a much better solution than BlackBerry Connect, which is just a solution to get your BlackBerry email on another device - the BAS allows the handset to connect to a separate APN and simultaneous connections are also supported.

There are some downsides of course, as the BB Maps software cannot pinpoint your exact location thanks to not being able to access the hardware on the phone, such as GPS or Bluetooth.

But still, if you're a BlackBerry fan lumped with a WM handset from your work, then at least hope is on the horizon.


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