Three dwarves Orange iPad contract pricing

Three has announced its contract iPad prices, with the main headline the amount of data on offer.

Users can only get the iPad on a £25 a month, two year deal, with varying costs up front for the device itself.

The 16GB version will cost £199, the 32GB offering £249 and the largest capacity of 64GB coming in at £349.

More gigs for your money

However, while Orange is offering 1GB of 3G data, plus another 1GB from midnight to 4PM (its so-called 'quiet period') as well as unlimited Wi-Fi, Three has blown this out of the water by letting you nab 15GB of data a month for the same price.

Users can also pick up the iPad on pay as you go tariffs, ranging from £529 to £699 depending on the storage option used.

The new deals are available from today, so if you fancy a boatload of data with your Apple tablet and feel you can love it like a second child for two years, then this could be the option for you.