Printers hit by web virus, not poltergeist

Mystery print jobs down to Trojan Milicenso

Office printers around the world have begun involuntarily dribbling forth pages and pages of gobbledegook as a side effect of a computer virus.

Don't worry, it's definitely not down to ghosts - security firm Symantec has checked.

The trojan, named Milicenso, infects Windows PCs by email, dummy website or encouraging installs of a fake program.


The virus, while trying to distribute adware, creates a file that sits in the computer's print queue consisting of the virus's main directory and that's what gets printed out until the printer runs out of paper.

"Based on what we have discovered so far, the garbled printouts appear to be a side effect of the infection vector rather an intentional goal of the author," explains Symantec in a blog post.

The company has antivirus signatures available to defeat the pesky Milicenso – and if your printer has begun printing mysterious symbols ad infinitum, don't forget to recycle all that wasted paper.

From Symantec via BBC


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