Facebook outage resolved, go on posting statuses and comments

Technical difficulties fixed

Update: All is restored in the Facebook-verse.

According to a Facebook statement sent our way, an issue arose while the site was performing "some network maintenance," causing the status and comment calamity "for a brief period of time."

The issue was resolved "quickly", the statement continued, and everything is 100% back to normal. The company apologized for any inconvenience, and left it at that.

Now you can stop doing actual work and start posting comments on your friends' "OMG sooo fun! #bestweekendever" photos. We won't judge.

Original article...

While you can still access Facebook and browse profiles, many users cannot post statuses and comments on Facebook at the moment.

There's no information yet about what's causing the posting downtime but Facebook has confirmed that "we are aware that some people are having problems posting to Facebook and we're looking into it."

That's the official word from Facebook's PR spokesperson Iain Mackenzie as a frenzy of tweets bemoan the fact that posting statuses and comments on the social network is a no-go.

Downtime Abbey

But what if someone's baby does something adorable? What if someone has a pithy remark to make about your new profile picture?

Let's hope Facebook's working like the clappers to get this fixed. We're not sure how long we can go without.


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