Why FIFA 14's small changes take months of balancing

EA Sports' Sebastian Enrique talks about the big changes

SE: The tuning is very difficult and the protection mechanic brings a lot of new animations.

When we had shielding on FIFA 13 it didn't look great because we used an animation that didn't really fit the situation and it was hard to trigger.

When we worked on protection in FIFA 14 we wanted it to work in any direction you are moving in and at any velocity. We needed to add a lot of animations - and with that comes a lot of tuning for the contact [with other players and the ball]. It's a lot of work but we'll get there.

FIFA 14 ball drag will unlock new shooting styles
FIFA 14 - ball drag will unlock new shooting styles

TR: Another addition is more accurate ball drag [essentially the change of speed and direction of the ball in flight], what's the process in deciding that it is wrong and then going about fixing things?

SE: We have a lot of smart people and when we decide something is not working or not feeling right, we say 'OK, let's analyse it'. We start comparing real life to what we have in game and patterns and behaviours appear.

In the case of the ball we didn't have that movement of the balls that we see in real life. The ball has changed a lot in four or five years, the material changed, the stitching changed and that changed the behaviour of the ball. That gives you the lead to analyse how balls behave in real life and compare with the game which is when we realised it was wrong.

TR: So any chance we'll be able to use a 1966 World Cup ball and see how differently it behaves?

SE: There are tons of things we think of. We'll see.

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