PS3 users play for 10 hours straight and love chips

Sony does the number crunching

A new survey by Sony, commissioned to celebrate Sony PlayStation's 15th birthday in the US, has unearthed some fun-ish facts about your average PS3 owner.

Joystiq has got hold of the results and it makes for interesting reading.

Out of the people surveyed, Sony found 84 per cent would ditch social networking sites than give up playing games for a year and a whopping 40 per cent of those asked would not have relationship with a partner who gets in the way of their gaming.

CoD and chips…

Unsurprisingly, this meant that 38 per cent of those asked will spend a massive 6-10 hours in front of their PS3 a day.

Who needs relationships when you have CoD, eh?

When it comes to one of the most important aspects of gaming, snacking, those with a PS3 prefer pizza and chips over energy bars and popcorn.

Embarrassingly 33 per cent of those asked don't eat while playing games as they 'need to concentrate'.

Hopefully this is concentrating on the game, rather than poop socking.

Finally, Kratos from God Of War was voted the best PS3 character ever, with Nathan Drake from Uncharted coming a close second.

Poor old Sackboy got just seven per cent of the votes.

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Via Joystiq


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