Console sales down again but Xbox 360 still rules the roost

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is still the most popular video game console in the US but sales continue to fall as gamers await the next generation of hardware.

The near seven-year-old gaming device outsold its competitors with 203,000 units in the month of July, which is way down on the 257,000 consoles it shipped in June, according to figures from NPD.

That was still enough for the company to claim a 49 per cent share of the overall US sales for the current-gen market in July, hammering the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

No champagne corks popping

This is the 19th consecutive month that Microsoft has finished atop of the pile stateside.

However, with a drop off of 50,000 sales in one month, we can't imagine that there'll be too many champagne corks popping in Redmond.

Rumours of a so called 'Xbox 720' continue to swirl, but it's unlikely that any next-gen console will be on sale before Christmas 2013 at the earliest.

Via: Joystik