Psystar adds Blu-ray to OS X clones

Cheeky upstart rushes in where Apple fears to tread

Despite the fact that Apple apparently has no interest in joining the rest of the computer world and swapping its DVD drives for Blu-ray burners, its favourite company, Psystar, has gone ahead and done just that.

The OS X clone vendor yesterday started offering BD drives as a BTO option on its PCs running the slightly dubious hotchpotch of the Mac OS with various patches.

Bag of hurt

For $310 (£193) anyone buying into the Psystar experience can add a 6x Blu-ray writer to the desktop case and open themselves up to that big old "bag of hurt".

Whether or not Blu-ray succumbs to the so-called threat of digital downloads won't be known for years to come, but at least Mac buyers now have an option beyond getting out a screwdriver and doing it themselves.