iPod touch 4th generation: 11 things to expect

iPod touch 2010: what's going to be inside it?

iPod Touch 4th generation is coming

Apple updates its best iPod every year, and if the iPod touch 2010 release date isn't in early September we'll eat our iPhones.

But what will it be like? In previous years you've been able to look at the iPhone for clues, and we think it'll be the same this year - but that's not all.

Sit back as we sift through the iPod touch 2010 rumours and discover shiny gold nuggets of fact.

1. A September release date

The first iPod touch was released in September 2007. The second was released in September 2008. The current model was released on September 2009. We're going to go out on a limb here and predict that the iPod touch 4th generation release date will be September 2010. On a Tuesday. At about 10 in the morning.

2. A faster processor

Unless Apple has completely changed strategy the iPod touch 4th generation features should closely mirror the iPhone 4's features, so for example the current iPod touch has essentially the same guts as the iPhone 3GS. We'd expect the iPhone 4's faster processor and increased RAM to make it across to the iPod.

3. 802.11n Wi-Fi

The iPhone has it. The iPad has it. The iPod touch will get it. It's probably got it already.

4. A camera

We suspect the iPod touch 2010 camera will be not one, but two cameras: we've already seen prototypes with a camera on the back, but if Apple really wants FaceTime to take off, it'll put it into the Touch. For that, you need a front facing camera too.

5. A microphone

FaceTime won't be much cop without one, but this isn't just about FaceTime: most people's complaints about the iPhone are about coverage. An iPod touch with 802.11n and a mic is a serious Voice over IP machine, bypassing the mobile phone networks altogether.

6. A gyroscope

It's good for games and iSuppli reckons it only costs $2.60 to put in.

7. 128GB of storage

This is a no-brainer, we reckon, provided the cost of the necessary Flash memory is low enough: iPod touches tend to double their storage with each release.

8. Streaming iTunes

Apple's purchase and suspension of streaming music service Lala.com is what many people would call "a hint".

9. A slightly flatter case

Although leaked iPod touch prototypes have the same rounded back as the current model, moving to the flatter lines of the iPhone 4 would keep the iPod touch looking fresh.

10. A retina display

The screen of the iPhone 4 is jaw-dropping, and it's not that pricey: according to iSuppli it costs Apple $28.50 per iPhone.

11. A higher price

With the iPod touch 4th generation, UK customers may get some bad news: the weak pound and looming VAT increase mean a price rise isn't out of the question. While we'd expect the iPod touch 4th generation price in the USA to be much the same as the 3rd generation model is now, we wouldn't be surprised if the UK model goes up a tenner: VAT alone puts the current 64GB model up by £7.

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