Most of the Core 2 range has fallen to the lure of DDR3, but they can still play just as nice with DDR2. With that in mind, we've looked at a 775 board for each RAM type, and the MSI X48 Platinum is the DDR3 representative.

The SiSoft Sandra memory bandwidth test handily illustrates that while AMD's platform doesn't quite have Core 2's raw punch, its onboard memory controller still provides an edge.

This DDR3 board has a small bandwidth lead over the DDR2 Foxconn P45AL, but other than that the scores are nigh-on level – proof that there's no need to upgrade to DDR3 unless you're throwing an i7 into the mix.

Its stature as a robust home for higher-end Core 2s is intact. Sadly, it's no longer future-proof.