The options to create and open the messaging functions are available from three avenues on the Samsung i8910 HD, with the normal messaging icon on the menu screen giving you the option to open the inbox, sent items, email etc that you'd expect to find.

The option is also available on from the TouchWiz menu, and from this you can also go directly to opening a new message as well. The home screen contains a messaging icon at the bottom (thanks again to the massive screen allowing you the display estate to do so), so there's no shortage of ways in.

The samsung i8910 hd

The inbox and outbox are much as you'd expect, although you'll probably want to head straight into the settings to alter the amount of sent messages saved - with so much storage on board it's obvious that you'll be looking to have more than the default 20 saved.

The inbox has some nice Symbian touches as well, such as being able to sort messages by sender, type and date, which is handy when you forget to delete for a few weeks and end up hunting for an important number through billions of messages.

The samsung i8190 hd

The email system seems easy to set up, with a wizard prompting you to enter your email address and password, but you also need the POP3 and IMAP settings to give yourself the chance to download email. These are readily available from your email provider, but most people will feel a little bit unsure entering them in, and will probably not use this function.

Given the likes of Android and Windows Mobile only require you to put in a user name and password for their mobile systems, it would makes sense to see this function added here. But for those that do make it through, the auto-update function is reasonable (if not as spiffy as push notifications, where email automatically downloads to the phone) though sometimes can be a little bit laggy on server connection (when we connected up our Yahoo! Mail account).