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Iiyama ProLite E2003WS review

Jumping in at the cheap end? Then the Iiyama is definitely worth a look

At this price it’s hard to argue against the appeal of the Iiyama display

Our Verdict

Competent, if a little bland


  • Good value
  • Easy to use
  • Strong pictures


  • Basic features
  • Non-adjustable stand

With a simple, matte-black design, standard front-mounted menu buttons and a square plastic stand, the E2003WS is a business-like monitor that appears to be targeting the price-conscious end of the market.

Indeed, this is something of a low-frills affair. Both VGA and DVI inputs are included while a line-in socket indicates the presence of the unit's built-in speakers.

Not one to break a well-established trend in this instance, Iiyama's 1W speakers are certainly not good enough to consider making them your main speakers in any non-office environment.

Vibrant pictures

Despite its unassuming frame, the Iiyama manages to offer some surprisingly decent specifications to its thrifty purchaser.

With a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and a 2ms response time, we found the ProLite to be a snappy monitor with the ability to produce good-looking visuals. Our 720p test videos, did, for instance, look as sharp and vibrant as could be expected.

Having said this, it did take some tweaking to remove a slightly washed-out appearance from videos. Still, the fact that we could do at all this reflects well on the ProLite's capabilities.


In contrast to some of the other monitors we've tested, the E2003WS's menus were a simple affair with white text on a blue background. Navigating these menus was also a refreshingly simple affair with the buttons spread across the centre of the panel.

We were disappointed to find that the Iiyama's stand wasn't height adjustable. However, the E2003WS does offer a good amount of monitor for its very reasonable price point. It's certainly worth a closer look.