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GoToConnect review

The unified communications challenger

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Our Verdict

GoToConnect includes a very comprehensive set of features that will appeal to businesses of all sizes. Even better is that the pricing model offers everything for a competitive price that means even the smallest business can have access to enterprise features, while enterprises can utilize a solution more cost-effective than many competitors.


  • Comprehensive features
  • Unified Communications
  • Video conferencing included
  • Competitive pricing


  • Missing API customizations
  • Limited enterprise management

GoTo might not be the most familiar brand to some, but it is part of the LogMeIn stable of companies which includes Jive, which aready provides a business VoIP platform. GoToConnect looks set to replace that as a global business phone service with a full service unified communications solution. Here we'll look at the details.


GoToConnect combines both the Jive virtual business phone system and GoToMeeting virtual meeting software. The result is a service that delivers all of the features you would expect for calling and video conferencing in a single cloud-based software platform.

Calling: GoToConnect provides support for over 180 deskphone models, while also adding softphone support for desktops, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

Standard features for voice calls include a range of call management services, such as caller ID and call routing, as well as an auto-attendant, virtual fax, call recording, custom hold music, call parking, and call forwarding. Call center features are also included, such as advanced ring strategies, call queues, plus pre-call and wait time messages for callers.

Additional features of note include time-based routing and geolocation to ensure incoming calls are forwarded to ensure a bettre chance of calls being picked up by an agent with the least delay, while automated call distribution can help manage incoming call volume.

Video: Unlike some providers who put strict limits on video conferencing in their cheaper plans, GoToConnect offers a full range of features as a single plan, which includes meetings with up to 250 participants, as well as up to 25 HD video feeds running at once. There's also screen sharing and personal meeting rooms, both of which can be used with one-click functionality.

However, although these are the core features, GoTo offers a number of other products - at least nine, to be precise - and there's a danger that they could end up fragmenting their service provision too much, a mistake legacy VoIP providers are still trying to correct.

GoToConnect 2

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GoToConnect includes a visual editor for setting up call routing, making it relatively simple and painless to set up the phone service you need. Referred to as a Dial Plan Editor, it involves a simple drag and drop interface so that it's easy to see and understand how call flows are set up, and changes can be made on the fly.

Call routing schedules can also be set up according to whether your business is open, or to account for after hours and holidays. Custom messages can be created to inform customers of working hours and periods.

There are also dashboards and analytics to make it easy to see to see how the service is being used and performing, along with your agents and how well calls are being handled, and generally provide business-led insights.

A lot of integrations are available, allowing GoToConnect to run seamlessly with SalesForce, Hubspot, G Suite and Office 365, as well as Zoho and others. However, there's no developer API suite advertised that would allow for custom integrations with other software.


Pricing is set according to a per user basis, and is costed as follows:

  • $29.95 for 1-4 users
  • $25.95 for 5-9 users
  • $23.95 for 10-24 users
  • $21.95 for 25-49 users
  • $19.95 for 50+ users

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A benefit of the pricing model is that all features are included regardless of either the number of users or payment tier. This offers a competitive advantage over rivals who restrict features according to payment amount, meaning that higher-priced tiers are required to unlock what are sometimes essential features.

On top of this, even GoToConnect's most expensive plan is still cheaper by comparison to many rivals in terms of features delivered, and the lower pricing according to the number of users could make this especially attractive to enterprises. The one caveat here is that GoToConnect doesn't advertise the same level of advanced management tools that some others do advertise specifically for enterprise services.

Overall verdict

GoToConnect offers a fairly comprehensive suite of services, as would be expected with a fully fledged communications platform that encompasses both unified communications and video conferencing. Even better is that it all works pretty well, and the lack of limits is a refreshing change to rivals.

The pricing model at first appears somewhat unfriendly toward small businesses, who can access admittedly more restricted plans for a cheaper price from elsewhere. However, in terms of features delivered the pricing is actually reasonably competitive, and there are different products available for different needs.

Even still, it's difficult not to shake the feeling that if GoToConnect offered a bundled full range product for the single price of $19.95, regardless of the number of users, the resulting service would be truly disruptive to the unified communications market.