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GoToMeeting review

Business-oriented conferencing solutions

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Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a video conferencing solution with lots of business-oriented features, GoToMeeting is definitely worth considering as it is ideal for most business situations.


  • 24/7 telephone and chat support
  • Good latency for smooth conferencing


  • Heavy use of system resources
  • Note-taking/minutes could be improved

Running effective meetings is essential to maintaining a business’s productivity. If you’re looking for the best video conferencing software, GoToMeeting has a number of great features that help it stand out. We’ll explore all these below in our GoToMeeting video conferencing review.

Plans and pricing

GoToMeeting offers three plans: Professional, Business and Enterprise. All plans are per organizer—who can schedule meetings, invite participants and share recordings—and include an unlimited number of meetings with no time limits. The Professional plan costs $14/organizer/month, and includes support for up to 150 participants with basic functionality (see below).

The Business plan costs $16/organizer/month, supports up to 250 participants, and adds unlimited cloud recording, automatic transcription, note-taking and drawing tools, keyboard & mouse sharing, and cloud recording from mobile devices. Additionally, Business plans include integration with Office 365, Google Calendar, Slack and Salesforce.

Finally, custom Enterprise plans support up to 3000 participants, and enables businesses to integrate GoToMeeting with their existing teleconference material and benefit from onboarding and training services.

You can also benefit from a 14-day risk-free trial to try out the software before making any commitments.

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Features and utilities

GoToMeeting has a number of features that will appeal to IT managers and business owners. For example, High Def video and screen-sharing helps ensure crystal-clear text and images, even on mobile devices’ smaller screens. Whether you schedule a one-time meeting or set up an always-open meeting room, participants can join over the internet or call in over a traditional conference line.

From Business plans upwards, there are some great features for making the most of your meetings. With unlimited cloud recording, it’s no problem to share or review meetings. Plus, automatic transcription (English) saves you the trouble of taking minutes on the fly, while a Smart Assistant uses machine learning to detect/highlight important items. Lastly, users can discreetly chat with instant messaging, globally, among organizers, or one-to-one.

Finally, GoToMeeting supports note taking—saved automatically and shareable, albeit quite basic—while whiteboard capabilities make it easy to draw attention to important elements in a presentation or screen-sharing session. You can even give control of your keyboard and mouse to another participant — to run the meeting or provide demonstrations as you speak.

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Setting up GoToMeeting is a breeze.

Step One: Create a GoToMeeting account and log into the online dashboard.

Step Two: Create a meeting. When you start your first meeting, you will be prompted to install the appropriate software, which on our 16” MacBook Pro was quick and painless.

Step Three: Send a meeting invitation. Any recipients who haven’t yet installed the software will be prompted to do so.

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Interface and performance

Interface and mobile

The online dashboard is sleek, intuitive and well organized. Creating and customizing meetings was easy, and we were glad of the useful prompts and function descriptions. The session screen is minimalist but easy to understand. Buttons along the bottom control audio and video broadcasting, whiteboard, and screen sharing. The title bar has buttons for recording, participant list, chat, and settings.

The iOS app was a similarly streamlined experience. We especially liked that you can connect this version to your mobile device’s calendar, so that upcoming meetings show up automatically.

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Performance and system resources

Latency was quite good. We counted less than a half-second delay between host and client for audio and video. But there’s a price to pay for that responsiveness: hosting a meeting used a whopping 70% CPU on our 2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7. Keep in mind that this represents 70% of one core, so we were still able to run other programs, but it did slow things down. Finally, energy demand was high, though both RAM (250MB) and GPU (1.3%) were reasonable.



GoToMeeting’s security whitepaper comprehensively outlines their security features, but suffice to say your data is secure. A first level of TLS encryption helps protect GoToMeeting’s servers, while additional 128-bit AES encryption and integrity mechanisms keep your data safe even if their systems are compromised.

Meeting organizers have full control over who attends the meetings: you can lock entry, block participants from seeing one another, disable chat, and mute or dismiss users. An admin panel allows for great control over product permissions.

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GoToMeeting boasts 24/7 telephone support, with local numbers in all countries of operation. On top of this, you have a rich knowledge base and FAQ, with lots of screenshot-supported step-by-step guides and videos. You can also contact support through an online form for a response within 24-hours, which is useful if phone lines are tied up.

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The competition

More and more businesses are turning towards video conferencing to manage distributed teams and communicate effectively with farflung clients, and there’s no shortage of providers rising to the challenge.

For example, BlueJeans offers online video conferencing at a similar price (starting $12.49/host/mo) and includes some interesting business features, like smart minutes for assigning tasks and restricting access to encryption-enable devices, although we found it to have slightly longer delays in audio and video transmission.

Otherwise, for budget-friendly solutions, Zoom offers free plans that are surprisingly feature-rich. If your conference needs are merely occasional and your meetings tend to last no more than 45 minutes, you may find everything you need here without spending a dime.

Check out our other video conferencing reviews to compare plans and find the right solution for your business.

Final verdict

GoToMeeting is feature-rich and, at $16 per month for meetings with up to 250 participants, inexpensive. Business-oriented features like calendar integration, always-open meeting rooms, screen-sharing, automatic transcription, note-taking and disruption-free instant chat make GoToMeeting one of the best options out there. It’s admittedly heavy on system resources, but in exchange you get a responsive, high-latency experience for hosts and clients.

We feel comfortable recommending this product to businesses of all sizes.