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ITDMs and CIOs not ready for global big data deluge

Servers, storage and big data
Servers, storage and big data

A lot of companies across the EU are being caught short by the changing nature of data storage and struggling to find how to unlock its potential and value.

A survey carried out amongst more than 700 senior IT DM in China, France, Germany, Korea, UK and the US found out that half of CIOs and ITDMs in the three aforementioned European countries admit to not storing all available data, which can have some very serious legal and business implications.

87% of the European respondents agreed that all data generated has value (the report didn't say what the small-but-significant 13% had to say about data) and one out of five felt that they didn't have the right solutions in place to "adequately collect, store and process all the data they need".

The exponential growth in data capture - thanks to an equally exponential rise in capture points (IoT, mobility, big data) - means that companies are not able to benefit from the value of the data they're holding.

In addition, 75% believe that their organisation would benefit from better analytics and storage tools, with France and Germany citing storage as a major driver of IT investment while data security and governance were the largest concerns for respondents.

The survey was unveiled earlier today at a HGST event during which the company presented its new range of air-based and helium-based drives.