The REAL apple TV is here!

HANNSpree has finally done what Apple yet do and unleashed the Apple TV on us all. OK, it's not strictly the Apple TV , but it is a TV that's shaped like an apple - and that's something of which we should all be proud.

The TV joins HANNSpree's existing Fantasy series range of TVs which include a zebra, an elephant and a giraffe all covered in soft, strokable fabric.

The HANNSapple TV is available in two different guises - and See if you can guess what colours those names represent? (parents: you may wish to ask your children if you're having trouble here).

When it's not being used to watch TV, you can close the doors - which also contain the speakers, btw - of the set and admire it as a piece of pop art. Or perhaps you can just play with the brown rubbery leaves on the top.

Either way, both sets are available now from Misco and Amazon UK .