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Adobe updates Creative Cloud, freezes Creative Suite

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This is what matters now

Adobe is dropping any further development of its Creative Suite products in favour of Creative Cloud.

In a move that provides further evidence of a major shift towards the use of cloud-based applications, it is planning a major update for Creative Cloud in June with new collaboration and publishing services.

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Adobe is planning no further updates to Creative Suite 6, although it will continue to provide and the software is still available for purchase.

Speaking at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, David Wadhwani, General Manager, Digital Media, said: "We launched Creative Cloud a year ago and it has been a runaway success. By focusing our energy and our talented engineers on Creative Cloud we're able to put innovation in our members' hands at a much faster pace."

Adobe is highlighting changes to Photoshop CC on Creative cloud, including new image deblurring and sharpening features, extra photo editing capabilities through Adobe Camera Raw 8, a new workflow from Photoshop CC to Edge Reflow CC, and the integration of all Photoshop Extended features in one application. It is also making it possible to post files directly to Behance, the cloud showcase for image portfolios.

Other elements of the update to Creative Cloud will include video editing features on Adobe Premiere Pro CC, more flexibility for the Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC, and enhancements to the Edge family of tools for web designers.

The company is now claiming more than 500,000 paid "members" of Creative Cloud, which was launched in April 2012.