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New Facebook privacy tools roll out, now there's nowhere to hide

Who can see your stuff?

Facebook's new privacy tools have started to roll out.

The social network touted them last week. They should make it easier to control who sees what you post, but you won't be able to remove your profile from searches.

Facebook is dropping the feature because only a low percentage of users take advantage of it. Now, the only way to hide on the social network is to block each individual user from finding you.

But new Privacy Shortcuts should make it easier to keep tabs on your profile. Options include: Who can see my stuff? Who can contact me? How do I stop someone from bothering me?

Before, you had to navigate multiple pages to adjust Timeline settings, so bringing it all together in one place should simplify things.

App permissions have also changed.

Changing its own privacy policy

Facebook also outed a new feature that lets you drag and drop images straight into the social network. Which should make it even simpler to upload snaps. Though it could be dangerous this time of year, what with all the Christmas parties happening.

Facebook itself is looking to enact new privacy policies, which will change how it shares your data. It also wants to stop letting you comment on planned policy changes.