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Can't wait for Facebook Home to get Chat Heads? You don't have to

Chat Heads
What up, heads?!

Today may mark the first time users can download Facebook Home, but just because you don't have the Galaxy S3, One X+, or any of the other select devices Home is available on to start doesn't mean you have to miss out on one of the overlay's marque features.

Facebook updated Messenger for Android, imbuing the chat app with the wobbly bubble heads of your friends that follow you wherever you go on your phone.

If you need a refresher, Chat Heads will pop up an image of whomever texts or messages you, and with a tap you can access the conversation. Multiple Chat Heads can populate your screen at once, while they'll follow you into any application. To close a chat, simply swipe the bubble down and poof, conversation ended.

Users with Android 2.2 phones and up should be able to access Chat Heads, so if you're looking for a new way to manage your conversations without the hassle of downloading/waiting for Home, head over to the Play Store now.

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