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Flashy USB memory pendant reeks class

Feeling drab during these cold, dark winter months - perhaps you'd like to add sparkle to your life by hanging a glittery memory stick around your neck?

Everybody loves Solid Alliance - home of the USB squid , alien detector and many more wacky gadgets - however, we fear they may have gone too far this time in pimping a blinged-up memory-stick pendant.

The JPY9,800 (£41) Pretec i-Disk Vogue includes 2GB of flash memory and can be used on any operating system but surely only the geekiest of Linux nerds could love this thing? Check out the photos for yourself - there's even one of an open-shirted lothario flashing his USB goodies to the ladies.

If you're still reading, chances are you might fancy adding a little glamour to your life, so it's lucky that PC Cards Direct sells the i-Disk Vogue in the UK, isn't it? Don't say we never give you anything. J. Mark Lytle