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Big Brother camera spots security threats

Samsung reckons it can spot what people leave behind

CCTV cameras aren't really a field we cover all that often, but the latest from Samsung features an intriguing technology that we can see doing well in other areas.

The SNC-570 looks like a normal security camera and offers a pretty standard 410,000-pixel resolution as well as the noise-removal filter and night-time mode required of CCTV devices.

Now you see it...

Where it brings a little fun to the party, however, is in a new video-analysis function that Samsung is calling Object Appear/Disappear.

That enables a networked computer to determine when something like a bag is left unattended. The obvious application is to monitor public places, such as railway stations or airports, where security is an issue.

Perhaps concerned employers will one day train one of these on their staff to spot desks being left unattended and work undone. We know at least one place to start the trial in earnest.