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O2 throws down gauntlet to competitors

O2 has thrown down a challenge to its competitors by permitting its customers to change the data allowance of their mobile phone deals every month.

The company has introduced new tariffs that will be adjusted according to how much data the customers expects to use in the coming month. Anyone expecting a larger than average bill, for example, someone expecting a binge-watch video session can tweak the tariff so the next bill doesn’t hit stratospheric heights. For example, customers who want 50GB of data one month can do so on a £41 tariff, then switch to pay only £19 a month if they want to decrease their data allowance over the following period.

O2’s new flexible tariffs are available to existing O2 Refresh customers and new customers choosing selected handsets from 27th October 2017.

Generation Flex

Last week, Citizen Advice published research showing how the UK’s phone users were over-paying for the phones, by continuing to pay a higher tariff than was necessary. O2 was not named as one of the offending companies and by offering its customers the possibility of more flexible data allowances, it has really thrown down the gauntlet to competitors.

O2 CEO Mark Evans said: “Today’s customers want even greater flexibility and control over what they’re spending. Generation Flex expect more from their services and we believe mobile contracts should be no different.

 “In 2013 O2 transformed the way consumers could purchase the latest mobile phones with the launch of O2 Refresh. With O2 Refresh customers don’t have to pay for a phone they already own, unlike customers of other networks. Now we’re going even further, offering customers complete flexibility by also giving them the ability to control the amount of data they use and pay for each month.”