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Adminsoft Accounts
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Some free to use programs offer very little, but Adminsoft Accounts has the lot if you’re looking for a small business accounts solution minus the overheads.


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    Free to use

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    Powerful features


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    Free means adverts

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    Windows only

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Adminsoft Accounts will immediately appeal to anyone who doesn't have much in the way of budget to work with when it comes to taking care of bookkeeping. That could be very useful during the coronavirus crisis. This is a completely free to use package that has a huge stockpile of accounting tools, all within a Windows-based interface, which can be mastered without too much in the way of software experience. 

All you need to do is put up with some advertising, which justifies the completely free tag, and navigate past the Adminsoft Accounts website that is a little too busy for its own good. With no real outlay involved needed Adminsoft Accounts works well for small business owners who also have tax matters to sort, or the likes of clubs or charities that need a practical solution without having to pay for it.

Adminsoft Accounts

Adminsoft Accounts is surprisingly potent given its humble origins (Image credit: Adminsoft Accounts)


Adminsoft Accounts makes a big thing about being completely free to use and it lives up to that admirably. If you really like it the website gives you the opportunity to make a donation. But, of course, to make this sort of software provision viable they have work with advertisers to generate revenue, so if you don't mind ads running in the background as you work then Adminsoft Accounts can be used as is, with all of the features and functions available. 

However, if you'd rather progress to an advertisement-free model then you can purchase a registration key. Pricing for Adminsoft Accounts is £199/£259 for a single user, £369/$479 for three users, £539/$699 for six users and £709/$919 for ten users. 

Adminsoft Accounts with AutoManager functionality comes in at £249/$319 for a single user, £459/$599 for three users, £669/$899 for six users and £879/$1139 for ten users. Adminsoft Accounts with Shop/Café Manager functionality is currently £229/$299 for a single user, three users is £419/$549, six users is £609/$789 and ten users is £799/$1029.

Adminsoft Accounts

The Adminsoft Accounts interface is basic but works efficiently (Image credit: Adminsoft Accounts)


Considering that Adminsoft Accounts is free there is no shortage of features present within the surprisingly impressive interface. As you pick through the inner workings you’ll find that it’s a double entry accounting system that features Accounts Receivable (Sales Ledger), Accounts Payable (Purchase Ledger) and General Ledger (Nominal Ledger) functionality. 

There’s also the ability to manage stock control and inventory, tackle purchase order processing, invoicing and even human resources if your business dictates it. Add on the ability to cover payroll duties and you’ve got an impressive software package that works across multi-currencies too. 

In addition, Adminsoft Accounts has the capacity for using special modules that work specifically for the likes of retail, café and restaurant businesses. It’ll take on point of sale and workshop operations for anyone working in the auto trade too. 

Seeing as Adminsoft Accounts seems to be aimed primarily at UK users it is also fully compliant for the governments Making Tax Digital vision and the VAT functionality is similarly tailored to suit that direction. At the same time, Adminsoft Accounts can still be used in other countries working with different currencies.

Adminsoft Accounts

The installation of Adminsoft Accounts is easy enough on a Windows machine (Image credit: Adminsoft Accounts)


For what is basically a free program that can be run on most Windows machines you’ve got to give credit to Adminsoft Accounts for producing a dependable package. Considering it’s got a lot going on, especially if you’ve decided to configure all of its component parts then Adminsoft Accounts is very robust based on what we’ve experienced. The software publishers also note that you can run the software on Mac or Linux/Unix machines using Windows emulation, if that’s more your thing.

Adminsoft Accounts

Adminsoft Accounts allows you to invoice, manage inventory and cover payroll too (Image credit: Adminsoft Accounts)

Ease of use

Some freeware programs can be quite painful to both install and use on a daily basis, but not so for Adminsoft Accounts. In fact, the software designers have done a great job with this program, having engineered an interface that’s a doddle to master. 

Getting it onto your machine and fired up is also straightforward, and the user guide that helps you get there is hugely helpful. This walks you through everything from setting up the accounts software through to entering data for the first time and then how to populate all of the relevant sections for customers, plus invoicing, VAT and all the rest of it. In short, it’s very simple but extensive at the same time.

Adminsoft Accounts

You can also switch between a Basic or an Advanced version of Adminsoft Accounts (Image credit: Adminsoft Accounts)


While Adminsoft Accounts is generally a pretty easy software program to get to grips with there’s every possibility that you might want some support along the way. And, if you think because it's a free program that’s going to be virtually non-existent there is actually a good level of help available should you need it. 

First point of call is the website itself, which comes with chunky support pages that deal with many of the everyday aspects of Adminsoft Accounts. The website also features a user guide, plus a community forum too. Add it all together and the levels of assistance are not bad at all really, even though the website itself is a little bit too busy for its own good. 

There’s an email support address should you need to write to them with a query and the site also suggests they have phone support available via a series of partners around the globe. Presumably that comes at a cost depending on the source.

Adminsoft Accounts

Payroll and even human resources can be tackled from within Adminsoft Accounts (Image credit: Adminsoft Accounts)

Final verdict

All things considered, Adminsoft Accounts has a lot going for it, especially if you're UK-based and need to get on top of the Making Tax Digital vision for the country. If you’re farther afield then there’s lots to like too, with a simple-to-configure interface that can handle all sorts of currency and a host of powerful tools and functions that allow businesses of all sizes to tackle everyday accounting chores. 

Add on the ability to keep your business running with the nuts and bolts stuff, including invoicing, keeping track of inventory and even handling payroll and HR duties and you’ve got a very decent application.

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