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Save almost a third on a Surface Book with Microsoft's new trade-in offer

Surface Book

If you've been thinking about pre-ordering yourself a Surface Book, you'll doubtless be interested in a new trade-in offer from Microsoft. It could save you a sizeable wedge of cash on the 2-in-1 – providing you have a relevant piece of hardware to trade in.

The Surface Book went on pre-order in the UK back in the first week of January, starting at £1,299 for the base machine with a Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Shipping starts on February 18.

The new offer, made available via Microsoft's online store, enables you to save up to £400 on the price of your Surface Book, depending on what you're trading in.

If you're trading in an old Surface RT you'll get up to £100 cashback, running all the way up to the maximum bounty of £400 for those who are parting with a MacBook.

Trading in an iPad will get you up to £250, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab will net you £150, with a Surface 2 being worth £125 and a Surface 3 getting you £250.

As for the Surface Pro, you'll get up to £175 for version 1 or 2 of that device, and up to £375 for a Surface Pro 3.

Convenient cash

Note that these amounts are 'up to' figures – in other words, you'll only get top whack if your machine is in good condition. And of course, they're not hugely generous numbers either, but as with most of these sort of cashback schemes, Microsoft is counting on the convenience factor (selling your machine second-hand is likely to be considerably more hassle).

Even so, there are still hoops to jump through before you get your cash from Redmond. You'll have to claim online after your new Surface Book has arrived – you have two weeks to do so, and your claim then has to be approved before you can send your trade-in hardware to Microsoft. You'll then receive your cashback within a month.

This offer runs until the end of February, so it'll still be running for a little while even after Surface Book sales have gone live in the UK.

Via: Neowin