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Pub-smashing vandal nabbed via Facebook

Facebook pub vandal named, shamed and embarrassed
Facebook pub vandal named, shamed and embarrassed

The landlord of a Hereford pub caught a pub-smashing vandal by posting incriminating pictures of the young fool on Facebook.

Landlord Paul Neades of The Litten Tree pub is quite possibly the first in the UK to nab a criminal using Facebook.

The youth was quick to contact the landlord after over 300 locals received his CCTV mugshots via the social networking site.

The young vandal was hit with an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice and ordered to pay £50 compensation to replace a smashed picture. Presumably he won't be drinking in The Litten Tree in the near future!

Named, shamed, embarrassed

"We knew who it was within the first half hour of putting it on Facebook because someone phoned my wife's mobile with a name," Neades told The Telegraph.

"I didn't have much sympathy because he could have owned up on the night instead of doing a runner. I told him it was a police matter and to contact them.

"He probably only came forward because it's a small city and half of Hereford could see his face and what he was doing. I know I'd be really embarrassed if it was me."