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New will have separate accounts from Facebook

FarmVille 2
We imagine this FarmVille 2 character is yelling, 'Freedom!'

When the new rolls out next week, the rift between the casual gaming giant and its former BFF Facebook will widen ever so much further, leading us to believe that a messy breakup isn't exactly imminent, but certainly not far off.

In a blog post published today, the folks at Zynga announced a few changes coming to their independent gaming portal, including one that lets users create their very own account.

When users touch down on the homepage next week, instead of being directed to sign in via Facebook Connect, they'll be able to log in using an exclusive account. Jumping on through FB will become an option, plus players will have freedom of choice if they want keep game friends and progress posted on Facebook.

For Zynga, this is "a national evolution" for its site. For its relationship with Facebook, let's just say it looks like Zynga is taking some "me time" to become its own social network.

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