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Facebook's new button lets you save anything to peep later

Facebook Save

At its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced that Save is now capable of collecting all of the delicious internet content that you want to save for later reading.

Similar to other content aggregating apps, like Pocket, Facebook will soon be implementing a "Save to Facebook" button across the web to make it easy to bookmark stuff that you want to read some other time.

When you click on the "Save to Facebook" button, whatever you're currently checking out, whether it be an article, product or video, will be sent to your Facebook account. The Facebook app will soon be updated to include a spot for this saved content in the navigation bar.

This is a bold move because it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on already-existing apps, like Pocket, that have been doing this sort of thing for a years. Not just that, it's an interesting effort to keep Facebook users inside of the app longer than usual.

We're on the ground at F8 2016 in San Francisco, CA to bring you the biggest news from Mark Zuckerberg and Co.

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