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Facebook founder back in court

Mark court
Mark court

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is back in court, with the college friends that sued him for allegedly stealing their idea and making it one of the biggest social networking sites on the planet.

These friends of Zuckerberg's - no doubt his 'ex-friends' by now - insist that they have new evidence.

Zuckerberg was taken to court by ConnectU, a company formed from HarvardConnect, which hired Zukerberg to work for them when he was attending the US college.

HarvardConnect allege that he stole the idea and code from them to create Facebook – something that he has always denied.

A settlement was reached but ConnectU has insisted that new evidence has come to light and that the case should be reopened.

The media frenzy around the case has inevitably caused grumblings from the court, and the judge took the decision to close the trial to the public.