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Facebook entertainment feed to launch at f8?

Facebook's long-awaited tie-in with Spotify could finally be confirmed at f8

Facebook is set to launch a new entertainment offensive at the f8 conference, which gets underway later this week.

The company is reportedly going to announce a new news feed which is dedicated to what members are reading, listening to and watching through the site.

Central to the new ticker will be a whole batch of new media applications that will enable members to view entertainment content and share it with friends, without leaving

The long-rumoured Spotify streaming link-up is set to be rubber stamped, while apps that allow movies and TV to be streamed and newspapers to be read are also expected to be announced.

Watch, read and listen

The Guardian is reporting that all of the above will form part of a "watch, read and listen" theme when Mark Zuckerberg addresses the audience at the f8 conference which begins 22 September.

The report also asserts that changes to the "Like" button are also likely to be revealed at f8.

Instead of simply "Like", developers will be able to add "Want," "Desire" or "Need"

Link: Guardian