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Nintendo's 3D headache as it's found guilty of patent infringement

Headache for Nintendo; it must pay $30m for infringing on 3D patent
3DS - selling well now

3D DOES give you headaches: Nintendo will be forced to pay a whopping $30 million to a former Sony employee for infringing his patent for glasses-free 3D.

The Japanese gaming giant has been found guilty of the infringement in a New York court, and will have to pay $30.2 million - or around £20 million/AU$29.

Seijiro Tomita apparently showed a prototype of his technology to Nintendo in 2003, and the court has ruled that it did not correctly recompense the former Sony man for his invention after using some of the tech in the Nintendo 3DS.


You'd be forgiven for wondering if 3D should be numbered among Nintendo's biggest failures in its normally stellar handheld gaming history.

The 3DS was criticised for being over-expensive, eventually prompting a big price-drop, and the glasses-free 3D was blamed in the media for causing headaches, although the handheld has sold well and a Nintendo 3DS XL has followed it into market.

Given that only a handful of games have won any praise at all for 3D support, we'd suggest that the next generation of handhelds may not be coming to you in another dimension.

Via Reuters/CVG