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PS3 and Nintendo Wii have 1% failure rate

The PlayStation 3, whilst being a lot more pricey than the Xbox 360, is a lot more reliable. If you buy one, it's very unlikely to ever develop a problem

The Sony PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii games consoles are 30 times more reliable than Microsoft's Xbox 360. According to games retailers, the failure rate for Nintendo and Sony's next-generation consoles are less than 1 per cent.

That's in stark contrast to the Xbox 360 which allegedly has a massive failure rate up around 30 per cent.

"Failure rates for all other consoles were not high enough for EB to consider revising their policies. Most other console systems have a failure rate of less than 1 per cent, including the PlayStation 3," EB games associate Matthiew G told

"We had 35 Xbox 360s at launch. I know more than half of them broke within the first six months ( red lights or making circles under the game discs). Two of them were dead on arrival," he said.