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Facebook sounds out major cybersecurity acquisition

After massive security breaches many companies would be licking their wounds. however Facebook is reportedly looking to beef up its online protection by acquiring a major vendor in the space.

Reports have suggested the social media giant is on the hunt for a suitable partner, and has already been in talks with several large companies, with a deal potentially due to be wrapped up before the end of the year.

A security move for Facebook is no surprise given the Cambridge Analytica scandal earlier this year (which brought Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg under congressional scrutiny earlier this year), and the hack of 30million users’ data in September. 

Facebook security goals

It isn’t currently known which major cyber-security firm Facebook is looking to acquire, however it is likely one that would offer analytics, suspicious-behaviour monitoring and offer account-risk assessment systems. 

In addition to the company’s security protocols and software, Facebook would also acquire the high-profile talented included in that company’s employment roster—which would be a major coup for their talent pool.

The acquisition of an internet securities company will not only help them plug potential data breach holes but also prevent Zuckerberg from further political debacles.

Via: The Information