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Teased Ubuntu Touch apps show nice clean look

Ubuntu Apps
Slickly does it

Canonical's Michael Hall has shown off some of the core apps we can expect to see on the new Ubuntu Touch platform, pointing to a minimal look for the OS.

Hall posted the update on his blog, and while these looks like quite basic apps – a calendar, a clock, a weather app – he also revealed some of the third party apps that are being developed for Ubuntu.

There are some nice newsreader apps, a WhatsApp client and a simple number guessing game - though we can't see that threatening the Angry Birds audience just yet.

The Ubuntu SDK for Touch was unleashed on the developer community two months ago and the new version of the Linux distribution will run on mobile devices and PCs.

Keep it clean

"The actual development phase for these apps has only recently started, but some of them have shown a huge amount of progress already," wrote Hall.

These apps are clearly in their infancy right now, but given the nice, minimal aesthetic, we hope that the final product reflects what we're seeing.

Via Michael Hall