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Firefox to use Chrome-like tabs

Firefox looking to Chrome for new features
Firefox looking to Chrome for new features

Mozilla has announced a subtle but significant change to Firefox, tweaking the way tabs work on the browser.

Writing on his blog, Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox at Mozilla, announced a "small change", which essentially means when you click on a tab it will appear immediately to the right of the tab you are working on.

Tab kinetics aside, the significance of the new tab feature means that Mozilla has been looking closely at the decent bits of Google's Chrome browser and cherry-picking features that would also be useful to Firefox.

Picking up the tab

Beltzner even name-checks Chrome in his blog, writing: "The tab ordering feature is one of the little things that doesn't get a lot of attention when people talk about Google Chrome.

"Chrome showed us how tab ordering should work and we can't wait to see Firefox adopt this useful feature."

Firefox has always had a good relationship with Google, adding the search engine's bar to its browser, which accounts to around 90 per cent of Mozilla's revenues.