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Robert's new eco-friendly DAB radio

Roberts new Gemini 31 boasts an impressive hundred hour battery life

Roberts has updated last year’s Gemini 21 DAB radio with the Gemini 31 model, which the company is touting as being eco-friendly due to its impressive 100 hours of battery life.

The UK manufacturer’s new DAB also comes complete with PausePlus, so you can pause live radio for up to 40 minutes, 10 station presets, search or manual tuning and full range stereo loudspeakers to provide your ears with that lovely and warm Roberts’ sound quality.

Retro meets modern

TechRadar is not so sure about the Gemini's ‘retro-meets-modern’ design – described as “a sleek silver finish with an amber display backlight and mahogany handle finish” - but we generally cannot fault Roberts’ DABs for strength of build or sound quality.

The Gemini 31 will set you back £89.99 when it launches later this month. Watch out for TechRadar’s DAB radio alarm clock round up very soon.