LG’s $300,000 136-inch micro-LED TV just got pricier with luxury B&O speakers

The LG Magnit with B&O speakers on either side of it
(Image credit: LG)
Money no object

We love to give practical buying advice about the latest gadgets here on TechRadar. But sometimes what we love more is to indulge in the most ridiculous, high-end, cutting-edge, luxurious tech on the planet. That's what we bring you in these Money no Object columns – you can read the whole series here.

If like us you were blown away by LG's 163-inch micro-LED TV, the LG Magnit, there's now an even more desirable version of this already luxury sized set for you to buy. In fact, it's so high-end that LG won't tell you what it costs.

As the cliché goes, if you have to ask then you can't afford it. Put it this way, the system includes LG's 136-inch micro-LED TV, which was priced at $300,000 on its own last year, plus a pair of Beolab 90 – Bang & Olufsen's most advanced and most expensive speakers, which currently retail for around $80,000. 

This new exclusive package is thanks to a partnership between LG, which makes the best OLED TVs, and Bang & Olufsen, which makes some of the best Bluetooth speakers. As part of the deal, the bundle will include the Magnit TV with two Beolab 90s and support for the speaker's remote control 

But of course, this is our Money No Object series – and that means we don't care about the cash. We want to know how it looks and how it sounds, and the short answer is clearly going to be: incredible.

LG's 136-inch Magnit TV: What is it? 

The Magnit is one of LG's very first micro-LED TVs. It consists of multiple micro-LED panels combined into one very large 136-inch display. That means it can deliver many of the picture quality and contrast advantages of OLED without the problems of burn-in. 

While its 4K resolution is perhaps a little disappointing for such a massive display, it comes with the excellent a9 processor that you'll also find in the latest LG OLED TVs, such as the LG CX and LG Gallery Series

According to LG, "the versatile LG Magnit is ideal for luxury consumers seeking a premium, large-scale display for the home with 163-inches of 4K resolution for enjoying favorite movies, series and sports".

LG also claims that the gigantic set can reach a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits, which is positively blinding. 

B&O's Beolab 90 speaker: Is it worth it? 

So you know LG's Magnit TV is going to look good, but what about the sound? I haven't personally heard a set of B&O Beolab 90s because I'm not the demographic these are made for. But I've read tons of reviews by serious speaker experts, all of which basically appear to be doing a good impression of Meg Ryan's iconic cafe scene in When Harry Met Sally but with more mentions of audio frequencies. 

The consensus is that they're the most beautiful sounding B&O speakers to date, and that means they're up there with the very best speakers by anybody. They're also among the sturdiest. They're made from 65kg of aluminium, which ensures the 18 different drivers don't move where they're not supposed to. 

They're gorgeous things, packed with cutting-edge tech and delivering a sound that by all accounts is out of this world. For example, the audio experts at Stereophile urged "every caring music listener to listen to the BeoLab 90 and hear what is now possible. It's that good".

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