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Logitech Premium Stereo Headset review

Premium only in name

Our Verdict

A durable, no-frills headset that's great if you're more worried about your bank balance than bombastic sound

We were about to test Logitech's Precision PC Gaming Headset when that bane of myopic headphone users struck: spectacle pinch around the ears.

Once our eyes had stopped watering, we abandoned them in favour of the Premium headset. 'Premium' is, in this context, a bit of a misnomer; this pair of headphones is still cheap and it's evident. But they're still very durable.

We've used a reliable old headset by Logitech subsidiary Labtech for the past three years. The PSH doesn't handle music or movies terribly well, but for VoIP and games they are more than up to the task and sound just as good as the Precision Gaming Headset. Dan Grabham