Hercules USB WiFi Transmitter

Who needs a router, then?

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Our Verdict

If you don't own a wireless router, this little marvel will save you having to buy one


  • Cheap

    Works well

    Easy to set up


  • Your PC needs to be on

Who needs a wireless router for basic, G-grade wireless? Seriously, why would you buy one when this little chap does it all so easily, with the minimum of set-up faff, and all for the far-from-princely sum of £30?

Simply install the drivers, whack it in a USB port, and your PC's internet connection can be broadcast out on the 802.11g wavelength to any devices you want to connect, and it's a cinch to con?gure.

The drivers really couldn't be more straightforward, and when a WiFi device tries to connect, your PC kindly asks you whether you want to allow or deny the device - which it of course remembers for the future.

It also supports all encryption types for ultimate security passwordage. It's really a no-brainer - if you don't already have a wireless router, buy one of these! The only downside is that your PC needs to be powered up to broadcast a signal.